Saturday 5 November 2011

Can we totally trust Media ??????

Breaking Newsssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st news
Rahul Gandhi ne garib kisaan ke ghar zameen pe baith kar khana khaya
2nd News
Aishwarya aur Abhishek ne shuru ki apne naye mehman ki tayariya
3rd News
Raj Thackeray ne phir ugla zaher – Kahan chat puja nahin hone denge
4th News
Inflation increased to 0.62% than last week
5th News
Kya is baar sachin shatko ka shatak kar payenge ???
The reason I have mentioned these news in a chronological order might be now very clear to you. We know that media has become in a precise way Funny. They have special episode on Dhoni`s luck, Rakhi Sawant (errrrr !) views and even Mahapralay (They are actually telling that world is going to end) certainly they have to run 24*7 news channel.
But media have been good in many cases like Anna Hazare, it was media who gave him coverage and followers, today Anti Corruption is a national movement, then there was Jessica Lal case, it was Media whose pressure made Govt to reopen the case and get justice and there are many such instances.
Still Media is not showing the Real Picture,  above  Breaking news shows that  :
1st news
Rahul Gandhi ne garib kisaan ke ghar zameen pe baith kar khana khaya – They show everything good about Rahul Gandhi, the way he sleep on an Khatiya, the way he eats roti & daal etc etc. Wowwww,,, such a good coverage for a future PM of India, did Media asked him during his visit that what is your government doing to curb Inflation ? You have put A Raja, Kalmadi in jail but where is the money, can you pull back half of it ? What happen of Kalawati (her husband a farmer, committed suicide), when you visited Maharashtra in 2008, her suffering are still the same ? As a future PM what are your visions, will India grow and get corrupt at the same speed as it is happening now ?
Even if media would have asked this questions to him they have not shown it to us ? Is this right to show only a good side?
2nd Top News
Aishwarya aur Abhishek ne shuru ki apne naye mehman ki tayariya – Funny,,, Even Amitabh Bacchan must not have planned so much for his grandbaby. Media are reporting the dates, gender, clothes the baby will wear!!!! etc… etc….
3rd Top News
Raj Thackeray ne phir ugla zaher bole chat puja nahin hone denge – Many of you will agree to the headline. But trust me guys I have told this to many of friends who have opposed Raj Thackeray and I am saying it again that Media does not show complete picture. I have attended to one his sabha last year in Girgaon, Mumbai and after coming home I was actually shocked to see that the news channel were just highlighting the words he used for Rahul Gandhi, R.R.Patil & then Cm Ashok Chavan. Raj Thackeray actually said many things that evening he said all the party should come together and have a discussion on security issues in face of terror attacks, he also said that we need to have new project in Maharashtra, need to have an discussion with Industrialist, there should not be a oppose to movie “My name is khan” since many people’s will lose on their jobs, he also asked the locals of Mumbai not to sale their houses to anyone for the sake of tempting money. But he is not Rahul Gandhi so the things which he said Media twisted it and made it in public. Of course I am not saying that he is 100% right but I have experience this bias thing of Media when I actually attended sabha.
3 days back he said that State govt needs to control Sanjay Nirupam and Abu Aazmi or else there could be riots in Maharastra ? Every Hindi news channel was showing this as breaking news but did any media personnel went to Sanjay Nirupam or Abu Aazmi and asked them why did they started this verbal attack this time ? How can they say that Mumbai will halt if North Indians stop the work for a day?( I don’t know if Mumbai will halt or not but UP and Bihar will surely face cash crunch for that day.) Do they mean that people of other caste are doing nothing over here? No such questions were asked and highlighted and at the end of the day many citizens of Mumbai & India started saying “Ye Raj Thackeray phir se shuru ho gaya” without seeing the full circle story.
4th Top News
Inflation increased to 0.62% than last week – Yes it is top news for last 2 days since petrol price has been increased again. But still after 2 -3 days this news will be ignored. One thing media has spread is there is no quality leader in BJP (opposition party) so the perfect government is Congress.  My question to media and to all the people who think it is right is Where is there a quality leader in Congress ? No media personnel questions that. Narendra Modi can do something atleast and something is better than nothing, which is happening now. I am neither anti congress nor I am supporter of BJP or MNS but the fact is Congress have failed to curb inflation and on other hand not making any effort to pull out money from Swiss accounts or from the scams happened.
5th Top News
Kya is baar sachin shatko ka shatak kar payenge ???
Last week in bus, there were these 2 Maharashtrian guys chatting beside me, one was reading newspaper with Sachin`s photo waving chequred flag during F1 in India and said to other Why he does gets retire now ? I think he has a dream of playing with his son in 2015 world cup ? Funny & Anger were the 2 reactions which came in my mind ? Because even after being non-controversial & most performing player for not 1, 2, 5 but 20 years, we still suspect his integrity. Ideally we should be proud he is born in India and for those two idiots he is also a Maharashtrian. No wonder we maharashtrians lack unity. Not everyone is like that but yes many times  we don’t like to see any other Maharashtrian making progress. This is since reign of Shivaji Maharaj, he has actually fought more with his own people than outsiders. No wonder when Marathi V/s Non Marathi debate comes we fail to have enough answers because frankly we are not proud of what we are.
Problem with the media is they show only one side of the coin and other is left on the viewers to judge. Media can actually make and break people. Of course we the viewers, as always, are the biggest critics of all time. We love to criticize others without thinking, isn’t it ?

Saturday 13 August 2011

Potholes & Politics

Disclaimer : If anyone is not much interested in politics or with condition of roads, please do not read it further. I am not supporter or against any party, i am just trying to put in my view.

Potholes & Politics

From last month or so almost every newspaper`s are busy in following the numbers & measuring size of potholes across Mumbai. They are actually showing India & world the corruption & condition in the financial hub of the country. I drive by bike only around 2 km from home to station and it’s pathetic, The great & honorable BMC has actually cut a stretch of road leading to my home in half for (messy) extension of road and its actually more than 6 months road is broken but nothing build (ok, in case if you are getting a feeling that I am just writing here and not complaining ,, then fyi, I have already registered a complaint in the Govt. portal in May month, below are the details and still waiting for their revert.
Status as on 08 Aug 2011
Registration Number
Name Of Complainant
Amit Patil
Date of Receipt
25 May 2011
Received by
Government of Maharashtra
Current Status

The problem here is MCGM is run by Shiv Sena, who has a habit of getting angry and creating ruckus if anything happens which ‘THEY ARE NOT HAPPY ‘with, but in last 10 years or so they have hardly got the same amount of anger for locals right specially for (their Vote-bank) Maharashtrians, for whose rights party was formed 40 odd years back. I was born & brought up in typical Maharashtrian, Girgaon Chawl, Till late 80`s there was no tap in chawl houses and everyone used to depend on the common tap at our ground floor and the well (which is around 100+ years old). I remember at that time MLA named Vilas Avchat, the Shiv Sena member took the initiative set up tap in all the houses and ensure there was water supply for atleast 3-4 hours without actually asking anything from the chawl members. No wonder when the civic body election came in he won in Girgaum with good margin of votes. I still have a house there and there is big difference in what Shiv Sena was 10 – 20 years back then and now. All the Shiv Sainiks and even Balasaheb will need to accept it that Shiv Sena was very different during his tenure as party chief and now under Uddhav`s leadership.
I just fail to understand even after losing in Centre and then in Maharashtra, why can’t Shiv Sena learn that they need to get things at a right place atleast for the coming BMC Election in 2012. Ideally they should have taken the road contractors to their task and ensure there is very few complaints now but this never happened. No wonder the top 5 contractors who keep on getting contracts from BMC for maintenance of the road are owned by the clerks & Officers of the BMC, MMRDA & PWD. I am not trying to be anti-shiv sena here but I personally feel Mumbai could have been much much better city.

They call their party by the name synonym to Shivaji maharaj but I doubt they follow any of his principle`s. One of the basic & important difference is when Shivaji Maharaj used to go with his army for conquering any of his enemy’s fort or to build a fort he always instructed his army not to take help from the nearby village (where they used to spend nights), not to ask any kind of foods or any place from them, he always ordered his army to carry food or food materials with them and to cook, On the other hand, BMC is quite famous for causing inconvenience to Mumbai people`s.

It is not only about Shiv Sena or BMC, the others i.e. MMRDA & PWD which are in the hand of ruling parties i.e. Congress & NCP are also in this mess but frankly I don’t find them as the culprit since even if Maharashtra congress wants to build a single room in Maharashtra they will have to take an approval from Delhi, so no point of speaking about them. That’s why I am of the opinion that State ruled and Centre ruled parties should never be the same, We have some good example`s in recent times like Gujarat, Bihar & Tamil Nadu. They don’t need to wait for centre order and also state ruled party do understand the problem of locals more than centre ruled one.

We do have State parties like Shiv Sena, BJP, MNS, etc, of it SS- BJP is ruling BMC from around 20 years, MNS is new and is legible for one chance (Its purely my view). Raj Thackeray claims he has a blueprint for the development of Maharashtra and if he comes to power he would do changes, I do agree with him, not because I am a maharashtrian but yes we do need a new govt and for me he seems to be a good option. I am frankly not an MNS member but as I said I would like to give him a chance in the coming elections.
Coming BMC election will show whether 20 years rule of Shiv Sena will come to an end or will they continue the power? Can MNS pitch in this time, they missed by a very thin margin from coming to power in Kalyan-Dombivali MCGM, can they put their aggression in practical sense after coming to power ? OR Can congress – NCP get the power in MCGM too???

Till that time let’s try to see the happy side of potholes where small childrens are using them as a swimming pool or they are making paper boat imagining it as a small pond. J Also if anyone is not getting leave from office he can just call his boss and say that he feel on in the pothole while walking and his hand/leg got fractured. :)

Friday 15 July 2011

Jai Bhavani !!! Jai Shivaji !!!!

Hi All

This is my first post !! Hope you all will like it ..... I have written my first post about my Idol  - Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, he is a legend of Maharashtra, actually also for India but very few know his doing outside Maharastra apart from he conquered Mughal`s forts and killed Afzalkhan and now some absurd politicians fighting with his name and making Vada Pav`s. Even they celebrate his anniversary on 2 different dates, this has actually made Shivaji a pity political gimmick. Anyways... The story i am posting today is one of my favorite one from book Shriman Yogi. This story highlights, we as a maharashtrians and Indians lack unity.

After winning and also building his own forts, Shivaji decided to build some Big boats with the help of British men to safeguard his forts built in the sea. He invited around 400 britisher`s and made contract with them. He then asked one of his man (named Aabaji) to select around 1000 talented and skillful men from his own army to help the British men in building boat.  Shivaji`s men were surprised as to why do we need to go there when there are around 400 britishers to build the boat??? Still they went and work was going on ? Around a week later one of the soldier came with a news to Shivaji that the all the 400 Britisher`s have ran away. Hearing this all of the Shivaji`s minister`s were shocked but Shivaji was smiling. He said “I knew they will go one day that’s the reason I asked our men to help them and learn from them the skill to make Big boats”. He asked one of the boat worker that what happened, worker said that while all were working, one boat with some britisher`s came near and they started talking with our British men and all of them ran away.
Aabaji asked Shivaji that what must have happened ? Why they ran away ? Shivaji said “ This is big difference between us  and them. They are very loyal to their country and this is one of the reasons that they are coming here from different country and trying to rule. They knew that one day they will have to fight with me, so why should they help tomorrow`s enemy. And on the other hand our men are actually opposite to this, when I am trying to bulid “Swarajya” where everyone from every religion can live peacefully, our own men mixes with Mughals and try to attack me.
Shivaji then asked all his men to complete the work and left from the place.